Datanet - case study

Datanet Case StudyDatanet have been providing Business Class Internet connectivity and hosting solutions for over 12 years.  They are specialists at harnessing the power of the internet to provide robust, reliable solutions for businesses who have a need for connecting data and voice from multiple locations.  They also provide hosting for a multitude of purposes e.g. web hosting, application hosting, online backup, server hosting and co-location.

“Nothing was too much trouble for Clickfire,
who provided excellent support during the whole project.”

- Sales & Marketing Support Manager at Datanet,
Penny Wilson

The Challenge

The existing Datanet website was a few years old and had grown organically overtime.  The site had worked well to date and was fairly content rich, however like many websites of its age, it had started to look a little dated.

Many of Datanet’s competitors had more recently refreshed their websites with new designs and more engaging content such as video etc.  Whilst Datanet were investing in Google Adwords, the website was not converting into opportunities as well as hoped.

The main areas that needed to be addressed were:

  • The overall design.
  • Focus on Datanet’s USPs, differentiating them from their competition. 
  • Meet the latest accessibility guidelines in line with the DDA. 
  • Inclusion of rich media content such as video to enhance the user experience and to furthermore convey the company’s uniqueness. 

The Objectives

The main objective of the project was to create a website that:

  • Increased and improved the number of quality enquiries generated by the website
  • Raised the profile and perception of the Datanet brand as an equal to their peers, whilst educating and engaging business prospects
  • Retains existing clients, sending out the message that Datanet are continuing to grow, innovate and improve
  • Improved the user experience

The Solution

The Datanet website is now a more dynamic and engaging user experience. The site is no longer faceless but in fact helps people to relate to the individuals at Datanet. It also conveys the superior support customers and business partners alike are likely to receive from Datanet as a premium service provider.

With eye catching design, imagery, flash animation and video clips throughout the site, Clickfire have successfully managed to leverage the Datanet brand further. The site also utilises a dynamic menu system with tabbed page content – all fully manageable within Clickfire’s Swirl 5.1 Content Management System, which means that Datanet have an easily scalable web solution which is capable of growing as the business does.

There is a section of the site which is only accessible to Datanet’s approved business Partners. It is quite unique to Datanet and therefore includes a number of bespoke modules. Again, this is all fully manageable within the CMS which defines ‘protected pages’ as ones only viewable to logged in Partners.  The Price List is one such feature and required a bespoke solution which would enable Datanet’s web administrators to be able to easily update and manage a complex table of information quickly and easily.

As with many sites such as this, there are a number of areas that need to be individually addressed in terms of usability yet require the content to be fully managed by the client without becoming too complex in design or its solution structure. The Network Status page like the Price List page, is complex in its requirement yet simple in its design and solution. Again, it was another element which did exist on Datanet’s previous site but has been vastly improved in its format. Simply by using expandable copy boxes to reveal time and date stamped information up dates on Datanet’s systems and service lines, with traffic light coloured status buttons to provide a quick overview of each of the services, the user has a quick reference to the status of the networks with the option to read in detail the history of each in the unlikely event that a problem should arise.

Datanet also had quite a unique requirement for their news section, in that they required two - one for articles available for the general public to view and one only available to their business partners. Clickfire were able to build a bespoke module for Datanet which allows them to categorise news articles as either regular news or partner only news. The regular news items populate both sections of the site but the Partner items are unique to that sector.

The Benefits

One week after the launch and Datanet are already recieving calls from their business partners expressing how impressed they are with the new look site and the improved usability.

"I cannot thank Clickfire enough for all their help, guidance and delivery of our new website.  We have received numerous comments about how user friendly and visually powerful it is."
- Sales & Marketing Support Manager at Datanet, Penny Wilson


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